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Security Monitoring, It’s Much Simpler And More Effective Than It Sounds

Wondering what ‘security monitoring’ is all about? Basically, it refers to the monitoring or observation of your security system. Security monitoring often includes alarm monitoring and is a detection-based security measure. It’s important not to confuse security monitoring with closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage monitoring. Security monitoring, essentially, is a phrase used to describe the communication between a security monitoring centre and your security system. Your security system sends out alerts and signals to update your security company. These signals inform your security company of your premise’s security status. Simply put, the term refers to your security company receiving alarm alerts via a monitoring centre.

Security monitoring provides peace of mind.

Monitoring centres don’t only observe, they act too. In an emergency, monitoring centres have trained security professionals available to assist you. They are also able to contact authorities on your behalf if they suspect you or your loved ones are in danger. The Australian Security Company, provides security monitoring throughout Australia. We also work across the Queensland Eastern Seaboard, including Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne.

The Australian Security Company offer both corporate and private security solutions. Our security and alarm monitoring services operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. As a result, our licensed and highly trained operators are always available to you and your business. What’s more, we also have guard and patrol services for physical premises protection. Both our static and mobile guarding services help to reduce the risk of break-ins and theft. Not to mention, having guards on your premise means they will able to respond quickly and effectively. Looking at integrating security monitoring into your business or home security? We, the Australian Security Company, have licensed security consultants available to assist you. Contact us, and our highly trained staff will help you find a solution suited to your security needs.

Get protected with our alarm & CCTV specials

There is no better way to protect your family, home or business when using the correct alarm system, CCTV system especially when used in conjunction with each other. Visit our specials page to see how Australian Security Company can assist in protecting what matters most to you.

Court's Previous Work

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