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Lessons Learnt Chasing A Dream: The Five Year Mark

The Five Year isn’t just a book about the digital marketing industry and the lessons learnt during the toughest years of building a business. It also discusses the power of dreams and the courage needed to be brave in life and business. Here’s an excerpt from The Five Year Mark:

“A personal dream of mine has always been marriage and family. I love the idea of a big family filled with love, happiness and support. When I sat at the precipice of my second marriage in May 2015, all the usual questions came to mind: Do we have the stamina to make this marriage work? Will we be great parents? Will we be able to have children? What happens if my business fails? What if I can’t support our family and way of life? Will she resent me? Will she support me?

There are always going to be so many questions and so many gaps. In marriage, you don’t commit because you’ve ironed out all the gaps. You get married because being married to the person you love is more important than the gaps. You trust yourself and your future spouse and believe that, no matter what you hit, you will work it out and find a way.

Starting a business is exactly the same: you need to believe your idea is worth pursuing and that, no matter what gaps and challenges you face, you’re in it for the long haul. Start the business, put your head down and find a way to make it work. Otherwise, you will never realise the dream set on your heart.

DigitLab began as a dream to see people connect through technology. We decided that creating a digital agency was the best way to see this happen. We wanted to work with businesses, marketers, innovators and anyone who is looking to create more meaningful connections with people. The dream behind DigitLab was full of gaps when we started. Moreover, I firmly believe that our team is – only now – complete, after five years. Between day one of operations and today, we’ve been solving problems as they come our way, and doing it the best way we know how.”

The Five Year Mark is a short, easy-to-read account of the trials and lessons learnt during the first five years of starting and growing DigitLab. Each chapter of the book illustrates ideas and principles that can be applied to one’s own business and entrepreneurial journey.

Feeling inspired? For more important business lessons, industry insights and inspiration, grab your copy of The Five Year Mark by Mike Saunders here:

Court's Previous Work

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