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Uthando Renovations

Uthando Renovations
by Studio Snark

Welcome to Uthando Renovations
We are a professional renovation company.
With over 15 years of experience in the renovations and construction industry, Uthando Renovations is the ideal partner for any job. Our highly skilled team is made up of dedicated people who take pride in their craft.

Client brief

Uthando Renovations is also a small business owned by a husband and wife team. Dana and Gerry needed a great looking digital portfolio to show off the construction and renovation projects they have done, as well as list their other services, make them easier to find and contact. 

Our work

Studio Snark created an eye-catching website using Uthando Renovation’s brand colours and existing creative assets. We chose a website layout that shows off Uthando Renovation’s work using SEO-optimised images. We integrated their social media feeds into their website, and we wrote SEO optimised content to make them easier to find and follow.

Dana and Gerry are hands-on business owners which means both of them are always on-site. To make them easier to contact, we created a quick and easy to use contact form, linked their WhatsApp numbers to their website, and listed their email addresses. 

All of the galleries on Uthando Renovations are SEO and mobile-optimised to ensure the website loads quickly, & Google ‘makes friends with them’ – as we like to say. 

A picture is worth a thousand words, which is why we thought it essential to show Uthando Renovation’s skills & quality of work with a visuals-based, easy to read & to navigate website.

Latest Work

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