About us

Who is Studio Snark?

We are a freelance husband and wife team who offer a range of digital marketing, SEO, and website services to our customers.

Together we have experience in website design and front-end development, digital branding, SEO, Google AdWords marketing, social media marketing, paid media management, digital copywriting, SEO writing, blogging, and e-commerce.

We are freelance brand builders and digital magicians who have a passion for making businesses easy to find, contact or shop online.


Wesley Clark - Studio Snark - Website


Hey, I’m Wes,

The web guy at Studio Snark!

 I’ve done web design and front-end development for over 15-years.
I have worked on many UX content management systems, and I have years of e-commerce experience.
I’ve also had experience developing corporate intranets. Some of my favourite companies and brands I’ve worked for are: Atlantic Oil, Samuels Service Centres, Ngome Lodge, Frockabilly by Cherry Lisa, Uthando Renovations, Computer World and Roberts’ Birds of Southern Africa.


Hi, I’m Lucifur,

Studio Snark’s assistant editor!

My official title is ‘assistant editor’ but I actually run the studio. I have 8-years of experience in cat, feral management, and gecko control.

Nothing gets past me without comment, a sarcastic look, or major edits. This is my first job since the humans adopted me and they pay me well enough, however, I do feel the general lack of cat treats can be improved.


Courteney is the owner of Studio Snark - website

Hey, I’m Courtz, 

The wordsmith & digital media guru at Studio Snark! 

I have over 8-years agency experience in both copywriting & digital media management.
I offer everything from social media management & paid media strategy, to creating SEO content for websites. Some of the brands I’ve had the pleasure of working on are: All Things Hair South Africa, Jockey South Africa, Organics South Africa, Dawn South Africa, Wuhu Deals, Knorrox, Rama, City Lodge, FMI, Varsity College & Frockabilly by Cherry Lisa.

What We Do


Studio Snark can offer your brand, business, or side hustle an easy to use e-commerce website with a custom design, beautiful shopfront, stock setup and search engine optimisation (SEO). Our e-commerce website package also includes online security, backups, as well as social media and payment portal integration.

Social media

Studio Snark can assist you with social media marketing and strategy. From social community management and content strategy to Google My Business management and paid media management, we’re here to help you tackle social media.

Website design

We understand that your brand is your baby, which is why we collaborate with you. Collaboration ensures your site meets your business objectives, is true to your brand identity, and is completely tailored to you – without breaking the bank, of course.


Not everyone can throw words together at the drop of a hat – but that’s why copywriters exist! Studio Snark can help you find the right words for all your digital communications. We specialise in digital copywriting, which includes blogs, website SEO copywriting, social content copy, newsletters, AdWords/PPC writing, SMS and App copy, proofreading, and brand tone development.

Search engine optimisation

Website search engine optimisation is a combo of SEO copywriting, code
and design. Studio Snark builds websites with best-practice search engine optimisation from the word, Go!

All our website design packages include SEO content, design, and coding. We also offer SEO advice, content, product tagging, SEO blogs, and maintenance for established websites.


Our Packages

Business starter

R 7000 *Basic estimate
  • Basic company copywriting
  • Contact information
  • Social integration
  • Custom design
  • SEO & copywriting
  • User security
  • User training


R 16500 *Basic estimate
  • Custom design
  • Social integration
  • WooCommerce / Shopify
  • User accounts setup
  • SEO & copywriting
  • Product tagging
  • Product SEO


R 2100 per month
  • Weekly updates
  • Security checks
  • Security updates
  • Abusive IP blocking
  • SEO updates
  • Blog update
  • Webpage updates

E-commerce maintenance

R 5000 per month
  • Daily updates
  • Full security checks
  • Social integration
  • Website content updates
  • SEO updates
  • Product list kaintenance
  • Daily offsite backup

Need something smaller? Contact us here.
We’ll get back to you ASAP!


R 350 - 550 per hour
  • Website content
  • Social copywriting
  • SEO copywriting
  • PPC copywriting

Social media

R 300 - 500 per hour
  • Community management
  • Content management
  • Content strategy
  • Social commerce


R 300 - 700 per hour
  • Brand tone development
  • Brand messaging development
  • Digital brand strategy
  • Digital marketing advice

Paid Media

R 300 - 500 per hour
  • Paid media management
  • Account setup
  • Paid media strategy
  • Reporting & analytics