Lucifur's Story

It's a hard life

Hi! I’m Lucifur, I’m a purebred Siamese boy.

I had a tough start. I was found abandoned in a parking lot. A kind human found me living off of crunchy snails and took me to a vet. I was in ‘feral mode’, I wasn’t chipped and I needed a home.

Thankfully, the kind human took me to a wonderful cat sanctuary, where I lived for over 4-years waiting for my owners to take me home. Despite many ads, community group messages and posters, I never found my 1st owners.

I stayed at my cosy cat sanctuary for many years, but I missed the warmth of a human lap and scratches behind the ears.

Studio Snark

It was a miserable day for a job interview in September 2020, but when I saw Wesley and Courteney come through the door to my enclosure, I knew they needed me to help them hunt bugs, proofread and make the BIG decisions. 

After going over my full CV, they thanked me for my time, fur and cuddles, and left. At this point, I wasn’t sure I had got the job. Was I too qualified for the position? I am 8-years old, after all. Did they need a younger assistant editor?

When Wesley and Courteney came back for a second interview, I decided to pull out all the stops – I showed them my 8-years of experience makes me perfect for the job…I also sat on them and wouldn’t let them leave.

Since then, I’ve been the employee of the month at Studio Snark every month, I have re-arrange the office to my liking and I have brought extra snark and joy to studio life.

P.s. I do believe there is a great need for more cat treats during lunch breaks, and cat naps should be scheduled every afternoon.