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4 Common Security Myths In Need Of Debunking!

We’ve all heard these myths and unfortunately, some of us may have made important security decisions based on them. That is why an unchecked security myth can be dangerous.

It goes without saying, not all myths are dangerous. Think for a moment about the myths of Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. These myths have become famous because they inspire excitement and have conspiracy theories linked to them.

These famous myths, however, aren’t the reason people don’t put the correct preventative measures in place to protect themselves.

We’re setting the record straight! We’re taking on 4 common security myths and debunking them. Ultimately, we, the Australian Security Company, believe that a myth shouldn’t be the reason your home or business security is compromised:

Myth 1: Homes don’t need monitored security systems

Some feel that a Back-to-Base Alarm Monitoring system isn’t necessary for a home. They often think that alarm monitoring is just an added expense. An expense their home system doesn’t need.

But let us ask you this, what happens when something or someone triggers your alarm? Who is analysing and acting on your alarm signals if you don’t have a monitored system?

Having a monitored alarm system means if your alarm is set off, a trained professional is able to assess the situation and respond accordingly.

Myth 2: Security cameras make you a target

Did you know, there are many who feel that the presence of CCTV and security camera systems make them a target?

It’s understandable that some may think the visibility of a CCTV camera system is an indication of wealth – making them a prime target for theft. However, CCTV systems have proven to do the exact opposite.

In fact, CCTV camera systems are an effective deterrent and can provide protection for both homes and businesses.

Myth 3: Access control is a waste of time

Unless you have a system where employees sign in every morning, access control for businesses isn’t a waste of time at all.

The wonderful thing about access control is that an employer can keep a record of who has entered and left their premises.

Not to mention, access control keeps unwanted personnel out of restricted areas and gives access to specific employees. This allows businesses to choose who can enter their premises and when.

Access control is also an extremely effective deterrent and it eliminates the need for employees to carry keys – which can be easily stolen and copied.

Whereas, biometrics, such as your fingerprints, are next to impossible to copy.

Myth 4: Guard patrols don’t work

Patrol guards are actually a very effective deterrent. Think about it, would you attempt to break-in and steal something if you knew a premises was being patrolled?

Besides the visual presence that patrol guards offer, they are also handy to have on site for other emergencies. As a matter of fact, we, the Australian Security Company have trained professionals available. These professionals are familiar with all aspects of security, including property protection, crowd control and event security.

Still not sure about how to choose the correct security solution to suit your needs and your pocket? Give us a call and we’d be happy to provide you with more information on security solutions.

Court's Previous Work

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