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Alarm Monitoring And Your Privacy

People often think alarm monitoring means their property and their lives will be under constant surveillance. Some even fear for their privacy.

Frequently, the term stirs up thoughts of the extremely popular 90’s reality television show, Big Brother. This, however, is certainly not the case.

Back to base alarm monitoring has nothing to do with your life being secretly monitored, or watched.

What back to base alarm monitoring really means:

Back to base alarm monitoring, in fact, has everything to do with your alarm system and nothing to do with monitoring your private life. Essentially, it focuses on the events that take place when something activates your alarm system.

As we’ve mentioned in other blogs, back to base monitoring means your alarm system’s signals are carefully analysed. Our fully-trained security personnel are the only ones with access to this information and they carry out the analysis.

Ultimately, if anything should trigger your alarm, our trained professionals are able to assess the situation and respond accordingly.

However, without a monitored alarm system in place, your home may be at risk. Your alarm system may do its job and send out a notification when it’s triggered. But, what happens if you don’t have a monitored alarm system? Nothing – the answer is nothing will happen.

Without alarm monitoring, there wouldn’t be a response to your home͛s distress signal. The reason? It’s because nobody is watching your home alarm systems signals, meaning there’s no one to respond to the distress call.

To clarify, ‘back to base alarm monitoring‘ has nothing to do with observing your life or your activities. Ultimately, it’s all about registering and responding to alarm signals as quickly and as effectively as possible.

Interested in upgrading your security system to include back to base alarm monitoring? Contact us and we͛ll assist you with an obligation-free security assessment, as well as advice on how to best secure your home and your business.

Court's Previous Work

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