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4 Things To Do When You See A Lion Roaming The Streets of South Africa

Planning to travel to South Africa? You’ve selected just the right article to prepare yourself for the wonderful yet wild streets of Southern Africa.

Before we present you with our life-saving advice, let’s clear one thing up, seeing a lion in the middle of Johannesburg isn’t normal. Nor has it ever been the norm to see wildlife roaming the city in South Africa. If you were hoping for more adventure, we can suggest visiting our stunning hotels in Kenya, Fairview Hotel Limited and Town Lodge Upper Hill, where the nature reserve is so close to the city you can see it in the distance.

Getting back to our ‘lion in the streets’ survival tips, here’s what you should do if you spot a lion sauntering its way down a commercial street in any of South Africa’s big cities:

Tip 1: Safety first, selfies later

Although you may be tempted to stop what you’re doing to take pictures, we strongly advise against it. There will be more than enough time for your Pulitzer prize shot once you’ve gotten yourself and your colleagues out of immediate danger.

We suggest finding the nearest building with a good view, but with enough glass to protect you from any pouncing big cats. You should also make sure the doors you’re standing behind aren’t sensor activated or the wild animal you’re trying to hide from could just stroll right in.

Tip 2: Don’t panic

Let’s just all take a moment to agree that nothing productive ever comes from panic and mayhem. After following step one and getting yourself to a safe location, remember to keep a good head on your shoulders. Instead of running around aimlessly in a fluster, rather keep still and quiet. The large predator you’re trying to evade is drawn to noise and movement, especially when it can smell fear.

Tips 3: A lion is nothing like Mittens, your cat

We may be stating the obvious, but often people forget that lions, despite being big cats are nothing like your domesticated companion. You may have seen footage of lions loving humans like big kittens, but more often than not these cats have been hand raised and are very different from an apex predator that has been raised on raw meat and instinct.

Tip 4: Make a call

No, we don’t mean make a farewell call to your nearest and dearest, we’re talking about who you should call if you ever do see a lion where a lion shouldn’t be.


Get hold of the South African National Council of SPCA’s on their national line, 011 907 3590, and they will provide you with the contact info for the relevant SPCA in your immediate area who will be able to assist you.

We wish you all the best for your trip to South Africa and we truly hope you will never have to make use of the information you’ve learnt today.

If you’re interested in seeing some wildlife and would like to experience everything South Africa and the African continent have to offer, make sure you read “4 Things Your Mama Didn’t Tell You About Africa.”

Court's Previous Work

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