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An Outdated Home Security System Could Cost You

Just like other types of technology, a home security system will age and become outdated. However, unlike a television, having an outdated security system could cost you a lot more. The cost of an outdated security system could be your possessions or your life.

Older security systems are easier to bypass and hack, which is why updating your home security system is so important. An alarm system update may seem like an unnecessary cost, but the costs of not upgrading are far greater.

Imagine if your outdated alarm system was the reason someone was able to break into your home. What if your old alarm system was the reason a thief could help themselves to your possessions?

We’ve put together a checklist to help you assess whether your security system is in need of an update. If you are unsure about your home security system, contact your security company. Ask them about the following:

Your security system’s age:

Most people aren’t aware that you need to test a security system regularly. In fact, even with
testing, the average alarm system needs replacing or updating every 3 to 4 years.

Is your alarm older than 4 years old and you haven’t tested it? We recommend a security system assessment.

Your home security system uses wires:

Older alarm systems typically use wires. Wired security systems use telephone lines to send and receive signals. These signals are how your system communicates with your security company’s monitoring centre.

Just to clarify, wires aren’t always a bad thing. But, it’s definitely time for an upgrade when the
safety of your home relies on old technology.

Nowadays, home security systems use wireless connections. Being wire-free also has the advantage of being much harder to tamper with or damage. It also allows you to have remote access to your home security system.

Alarm monitoring isn’t part of your home security system:

Is your home security system linked to a security monitoring centre?

Security company’s use CCTV footage to help with alarm monitoring. Ultimately, security monitoring
centres use both CCTV footage and alarm signals to verify your safety. Furthermore, if there is any suspicious activity on your property, they can notify authorities on your behalf.

The Australian Security Company have licensed security consultants available to assist you. Contact us, and our highly trained staff will help you find a solution suited to your security needs.

Older security systems often don’t include CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras. The reason for this is because their software is too old or incompatible.

Contact one of our security specialists to assist you where it matters most.

Court's Previous Work

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