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Here’s Why Local Travel Is Lekker

Most people dismiss travel in our beautiful country because it doesn’t seem as grand and luxurious as travelling overseas. However, there are so many reasons why travelling in South Africa should be your first choice.

To name one, it’s much cheaper than having to catch various connecting flights – not to mention, skipping the jetlag. Here are 5 undisputed reasons why travelling local is lekker and why you should book your next holiday in South Africa:

 1)      More play, less paperwork

Travelling inside South Africa means you don’t have to use your precious time and money to get various Visas and passports. Just think, a holiday without the stress of having to fill out paperwork beforehand, or stand in a long queue at the passport office.

Travelling within South Africa means you can go from city to city or even province to province without having to have paperwork on you. It also saves you money because you don’t have to apply and pay for a visa or passport.

2)      Mother tongue and languages

Our country is filled with rich and beautiful languages – 11 official languages to be exact. What’s wonderful about exploring your own country is that you don’t have to learn a new language, nor will you get stuck in a situation where someone isn’t able to understand you.

In foreign countries finding a translator or someone who can understand English may be a challenge, however, being a local South African has its perks. One of our 11 official languages is English, which means there is always going to be someone who can assist you.

3)      Bus, plane, train or car

Local travel also gives you a lot more options. Unlike overseas travel, your journey isn’t restricted to flights, you can drive, be driven or even paddle. That’s right, we said paddle, as in canoeing or paddle skiing, the choice is yours.

4)      Money, money, money

For those of you who are math geniuses, this won’t be a factor for you. But for everyone else, this is one less thing to worry about – the exchange rate.

Travelling through or within South Africa means that you don’t constantly have to try and work out how much moola you’re spending. There’s less chance of you coming home to face debt because your exchange rate calculations were wrong. It also means you don’t have to change your money, you can just use your usual debit or credit card, or cash.

All in all, local is lekker. “Why” you may ask? Our answer – because South Africa has everything any traveller or adventure-chaser could ask for. We have iconic mountains, stunning oceans and beaches, historical vineyards, peaceful deserts, tropical forests, green valleys, jungle-esque countrysides and winding rivers. Everything for the perfect break.

Court's Previous Work

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