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Here’s How Our Johannesburg Hotels Will Save You From Your Relatives

“Families, can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em…” — Tate Hallaway

We all have them, you know, those strange relatives you maybe see once every few years. Most people think that opting to stay with these relatives is a more cost effective option than booking a stay at a Johannesburg hotel. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Here’s how booking yourself into one of our Johannesburg hotels could save you from your relatives and save you from parting ways with your hard-earned money:

1)      Family, but not friendly

Just because you share blood doesn’t always mean your relatives are going to be accepting of you, or even very friendly. We’ve all experienced the awkwardness that comes hand in hand with staying with relatives. Your aunt may love you, but your cousin could be still be holding a grudge because you ate his biscuit when you were five.

Booking a stay at a City Lodge Hotel means no cousins with decade old grudges. It’s also a great way to avoid your overbearing aunts, who think waking up at 5:30 AM is normal and ‘sleeping in’ is for jobless people and cats.

When you stay at any one of our Johannesburg hotels, we can guarantee your late morning wake up won’t be judged and that our staff will always be friendly, polite and grudge-free.

2)      Their house, their rules

Don’t you hate being told what to do? Well, for some people, staying under their roof means their rules automatically apply to you. Now, this might not seem too bad, but what happens when your uncle or your mother-in-law decides that everyone should be home and the alarm should be set by 10:00 PM?

Booking into one of our hotels in Johannesburg, means you have total freedom to come and go as you please. If you have a late meeting or a dinner, we won’t lock you out and we certainly won’t get upset about you going to bed after 10:00 PM.

3)      A ‘free’ stay isn’t ever free

Some may think that staying with relatives is a cost effective option, but if you take a moment to think about it, you’ll come to the same conclusion we’ve come to – staying with relatives costs more.

They may not say it out loud, but most people expect their guests to contribute to food, groceries, and other costs while staying under their roof. Basically, you can’t just buy yourself a coke and not expect to share it with your relatives. You also can’t pitch up to someone’s house and not take them a gift to say, ‘thank you for letting me stay and use your 2ply toilet paper.’

Staying in a hotel means you only have to worry about yourself. There are no unexpected added costs, like having to buy meat for the family braai and you don’t have to share your cokes with us. You also don’t have to buy us ‘thank you’ gifts.

So, take our advice, next time you need a place to stay in Johannesburg, book into a Courtyard Hotel, Road Lodge, Town Lodge or City Lodge Hotel. We’ll take care of you as if you were family, but without all the family antics.

Court's Previous Work

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