Wesley's Previous Work

The Samuels Group

The Samuels Group is a company recognised for its well-founded work ethics, operational excellence and environmental awareness. We aim to achieve superior customer service and operating results while adhering to the highest business ethics, the DNA of the group of companies is ‘Mudita’ meaning – ‘finding joy in the betterment of others.

The Samuels Group is an authority in the fuel, administration & vehicle servicing industry. Contact us today.
If you wish to contact us regarding any of the above-mentioned companies owned by the Samuels Group, please visit our contact page where you can send us a message with ease, or you can save our head office contact details and contact our offices directly for assistance, or more information on our businesses.


While I was employed by the Samuels group for a portion of my career, where I get most of my corporate experience.

I had the opportunity to build, maintain and a group of company websites all under the umbrella of the Samuels Group, thus all of the subsequent websites that were built after Samuels.co.za had to maintain brand identity, have consistent colours, the consistent layout of copy and images to the visual guide that was developed internally.

My duties at Samuels also included a lot of internal research and development for the use of internal intranets, office automation, information automation and document storage.

Wesley's Previous Work

Ngome Farm Lodge

A Spiritual RetreatNgome Farm Lodge is situated a mere 400 metres from the Ngome Marian

Atlantic Oil

Operating in the petroleum industry for over 19 years, Atlantic Oil (Pty) Ltd plays a key role


We are an on-road Fuel Management System owned and controlled by Samuels Admin, a subsidiary

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